Our Mission

Here at Creative Cure, we take pride in providing quality, hand-poured creations, made with sustainable wax and non-toxic fragrances. 

You might be curious, "why sustainable wax" and what "non-toxic fragrances" even mean. You're not alone!  An alarming size of people are unaware of the possible hazards & (ecological) threats that candles could pose. 

So, our goal isn't to fill your home up with candles. 

Somewhere along your journey with us as a consumer, our mission is to enlighten you on the types of candles you purchase & burn. All of our Collections are curated conscientiously & we can't wait to help you transition into a healthier lifestyle. 

Say "Buh-BYE!", to toxic, mass-made, "cheaper" candles. And "HELLO!", to Clean Air and a Brighter Future, with Creative Cure in your homes.